Lead Product Designer

Darian Rosebrook

Hey! I'm Darian Rosebrook. I am a product designer focused on design systems, design technology (ux engineering), and custom design tooling for Figma in the Portland, Oregon, area.

I build things that make it easier for people to build things.

I'm super passionate about design ops, using design to design the designers' design processes.

As a designer and developer hybrid, I bridge a lot of the product development cycle, helping improve the experience for both design and engineering. I design better workflows for designers working on products, standardize product design decisions, and document our design patterns and best practices. Prioritizing someone to focus on these decisions frees time for product teams to focus on more in-depth problem-solving in their product.

Because I'm well versed in both modern web development (React / Web Components / HTML / CSS / Javascript) and product design (Design System Thinking, User Experience Design, User Interface Design), I utilize these skills to do things like:

  • Creating full-featured, high fidelity component libraries in tools like Figma

  • Creating guides and documentation on how to use the design system

  • Improving the development experience around consuming a component library

  • Creating workflow specific tooling like custom Figma plugins that help speed up the product design workflow, the creation and maintenance of design systems, and more

  • Creating tooling that helps keep design and development closer in sync

  • Creating processes and workflows that improve our feedback, contribution, and adoption across teams

  • …and much more.

I'm always happy to discuss the work I do, so if anything resonates, feel free to reach out! And if you need to see my work, check out my portfolio here

You can also find me here β€”