The Design Process

Receiving the Request

Hiring a professional to handle a project brings peace of mind. To ensure both the client and the professional are on the same page, there are a few things that the professional needs to understand about the project. To achieve this level of understanding, I include a series of questions for starting the process of getting a quote for the work.

Serious requests are sent directly to me, and I take the utmost care responding to those inquiries. Because of the volume of requests that I have versus my workload, I carefully consider each project and our ability to work together. I want us to be able to trust in each other's ability to deliver.

Establishing Trust and Roles

Communication is key to all relationships. When we connect about starting your project, our first lines of communication are key to the validity of the relationship. You should be confident in my ability keep a solid line of communication and to execute a design that fulfills the requirements. I should be confident that you are willing to and capable of providing goals and content for the project.

Pillars of the Design Process

Your Brand Goals

Establishing the goals for the project is the shield against ineffective design. We'll start the project by asking questions that focus on laying out the goals for the organization, how that design project will impact the audience, and what we would like to achieve with the design. Whatever comes from this will drive the end result.

Project Discovery

It is important for your designer to know what it is you and your organization do. My goal for designing your content is knowing what materials currently exist for your brand. When we find out the scope of the project we'll be able to figure out how to come up with an effective execution of the goals and a design that feels lke it's a part of your organization.

Industry Research

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However, imitation in a world of business brings serious legal trouble. Understanding what is going on in the world around your industry is going to be crucial to helping your organization stand out. There are standards of excellence with each business and understanding what makes those brands great will help yours achieve the same quality.

Project Development

I take all of the first three pillars and present what I have to you. From there we move into a strategy, work on iterations, and deliver the best selected solution to your organization's goals. After the agreed upon direction, I work on refining the iteration until the result clears the standards set up in the first three pillars. After, I package up the materials and deliver upon receiving the final payment.

Project Presentation

Every iteration leads to a final solution to what we outline in the beginning of the project. We'll connect through our selected channel of communication to go over the case-study. This case study will be the collection of what I have discovered, created, and refined over the course of the project. Any challenges, changes, setbacks, and achievements will be laid out in a digestable manner. How the design fulfills the requirement of the project will be laid out in that document.

Once the final payment is received, the final iterations, case study, and brand guide will be delivered to you via your method of choice established within our contract.

Let's Get in Contact

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Your design requests will be sent to, and reviewed by, So Magnetic, my branding design agency.

As a designer, it's my duty to deliver the right brand experience for you and your brand's audience. Therefore, I need to be selective about the projects that I take on. Providing details on your project help me understand your need and deliver the most effective design solution.

I'll review your reply here and get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

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