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Overtone: Issue - 000

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Graphic Novel

Overtone Comic

While working as a full time Product Designer for Microsoft, I wanted to use some of my free time to continue building the story of Overtone, a post-earth era digital comic that follows the life of ex-cop [name]. I'm currently working on creating the home of the novel as well, trying to find a cadence of release that would be feasible.

My thought is to release this chapter by chapter until the first volume is complete.

What projects do I have on the table?

I try to keep my hands on a few projects at a time. This keeps me moving the needle forward on things should I have an opportunity to continue working on something with any downtime to spare.

On top of that, I love teaching what I know as a designer to help others who are trying to improve their skills.



12 Nov 2017 - Present

Building the Compass of Design Community app

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This project has been a huge step in what I'm able to achieve as the sole person on a project. This product utilizes my knowledge in UX Design, UI Design, and Back End Development by wrapping all of those together into one product. The Compass of Design Membership Site. This platform is going to be a powerhouse in helping designers get actionable feedback on questions they have and designs they've done. So far, there hasn't been a site that effectively does this without it becoming a popularity contest. Our goal here is to change the way we do design feedback!

16 Mar 2020

Product design consulting for community based apps

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I’ve been working with other product designers a lot recently to help them review their portfolio of work and give them consulting on how to use tools, build design systems, and find new work. It’s been really rewarding, but as a result of this, my name got around and I was able to join up with a stealth startup who has been looking for someone to do exactly that. I am getting to set up a design system from scratch, lay foundations for a design org to scale, and work on pre-product consulting while we get things ready for stakeholders. This has been really challenging, but really rewarding.

04 Feb 2020

Leaving Edge

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After 9 months on the Edge Design team at Microsoft, we shipped our new browser based on Chromium. I had helped with the Collections feature, and recently been working on the DevTools project to set up and help scale the design effort going on there. It was a great experience being able to be the representative of design in a new collaboration. I helped introduce design earlier in the process of feature development, and got to lead the design for the project up to launch. My work for the project ended right as they were starting the next phase of the product cycle. I loved every minute working with the talented people there and hope that I’ll get to continue elsewhere on similar projects in the future.

20 Nov 2019

Starting to rebuild with web components

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While working on this new update to my portfolio a few months back, I noticed that I had been using Jekyll in a way that makes it feel more like making components. I came across an issue where I wanted to get further into having more templated sections of my site, and though I know that web components and react is a thing, it seemed daunting to a designer who develops. I came across this helpful resource by Dave Rupert about jekyll includes which solved my issue, but I figured, if I’m trying to make Jekyll do all of this here, I might as well be using web components. So I’ll be focusing my next iteration of my website as making it an entire progressive web app.

28 Oct 2019

Started releasing version nine of my portfolio website

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Every other year, I try to update some parts of my design portfolio. I started designing a specific feature at work in our browser and needed something to test it on, and so I decided to also use it as a way to update my portfolio to use the very technology I was making. It got a little meta, but by designing my portfolio for version 9, it let me do better work within my project on Edge.

24 Jul 2019

Interview about my role as a product designer on Scamp Studio

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I got to talk to Tommy Mason about my role as a product designer. Here, I give a little insight to what I’ve been working on in my role at Microsoft and a bit on how people can get started as a product designer. Scamp Talks: Darian Rosebrook

15 May 2019

Took a job working with the Microsoft Edge team

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I just joined the Microsoft Edge team for a year’s contract to help design Edge’s new Chromium based browser. I’ll be doing some fun work on helping design features with developer experiences, as well as helping shape the way Microsoft Edge runs a product design project. This will be some great work with both DesignOps and Development experiences.

10 Mar 2019

Interview on The Fowler Hour about creating a design community

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I spent some time talking to Connor Fowler on the Fowler Hour Podcast. We went over the work I’ve done with the design community and how being a part of communities like ours impacts your career growth. You can find the full interview wherever podcasts are downloadable or head to his website The Fowler Hour

16 Mar 2018

Creating a custom membership site

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A little while ago I teased to a few members of my design community that I’m building something special for them in the background. I have a lot of things that I’ve been building lately, but I plan for this to be the end-all be-all replacement for the slack group we’re in.

14 Mar 2018

Meetup with Juan Valera from

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One of the things that I run is a design community for people who are looking to increase their skills as a designer. This week, I was able to meet up with Juan Valera from the design agency Coastal. He runs this agency full time and is in the product design space for the medical industry. Definitely go check out the work he did on this case study for Twistle. Juan is a member of the Compass of Design Commmunity so it was good to finally meet up after talking over the last 2 years online.

14 Mar 2018

A design interview by Chris Green of This Design Life

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I got a chance to talk to Chris Green of This Design Life about what I do with Compass and what he’s building with This Design Life. After some talking he took some time to interview me which you can see at this interview page. We went over a lot of advice I have for young designers.

12 Mar 2018

I got invited to AMAfeed

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Hey if you have a moment, you should check out this Ask Me Anything thread that I started over on Here I go over exactly what I’m doing with trying to run a day job on the side of a business. Or is this vice versa? IDK, I’m running both at the same time. If you have time, throw in some questions!

19 Oct 2017

New Ventures and Leaving KeySpark

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It’s been a fun year and a half helping the team grow their client base and projects. It’s been a couple of months since I stepped back and started mainly consulting, but as of this latest rebrand, this is my last project with the team. I am going to miss all the fun we had on those team calls haha. Cheers to the group and all my friends involved. (:

01 Jan 2017

Moving to full time consultancy

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Since work has slowed down on the front from the day job, I’ll be opening my schedule to start pulling in more and more client inquiries for UX Design or Brand Identity Design. Much has gone on in the past few months and I’m happy to say I’ll be running So Magnetic as my main design studio. Big steps ahead!

08 Nov 2015

Almost made it

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So I almost made it through the interview process for a marketing role. The job required a slight knowledge of CSS and HTML to be able to update product pages. It would have been really cool to actually get my hands dirty.

I took a refresher course on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which I remembered more than I thought. Getting the job would have helped a bit to get real world experience, but I’ll keep trying out there.

22 Oct 2015

Starting my journey as a web developer

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Hello World!

As of today, I am starting fresh. I have decided to pursue creating things on the web. I’ve done things with web tech years back, but never at a full level. In the end it makes sense to me that this would be what I choose. I used to play around a lot editing websites to do what I wanted them to do. Never did I think that people got paid to do this full time, nor the full impact a career like this could have. So I’ve decided to pursue this with everything I’ve got. I’ve got a path, and a will to learn. Let’s do this!

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