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a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities.

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Being a person to miss out on the fun isn't the best feeling. Throughout the next year, I'll be increasing the amount of value available for the articles I write.

I send out a newsletter to the people interested in growing their professionalism with design through weekly articles between KeySpark and here. This newsletter is my challenge to myself to get out of my rut and help people start designing with confidence. I want to help those who struggle with imposter syndrome; those who struggle to stand by their decisions when making changes and iterations that will help move a brand or product towards a successful launch.

To me, that confidence comes with understanding three things:

  • That my decisions are based off the principle knowledge that I have in design
  • That people may have conflicting views on the decision and I must weigh their choice alongside mine.
  • That there is more to this world of design that I don’t know and that I must be humble enough to be willing to learn constantly.

I spend a considerable amount of time researching each week what I am trying to achieve in design and feel that this knowledge can be put to further use by helping others learn the same information.

Every Thursday I will be sending out a post containing the information that I have been consuming with my thoughts on those resources as well as giving you early access to the content of the next article that I am writing.

Early Access subscribers get:

  • Thursday: A newsletter outlining my thoughts on the work I'm doing and links to the resources I used that week.
  • Thursday: Access to the next week's article to read, comment, discuss and help edit.
  • Monday: Credit that links back to you for edits and discussions that I can accept and add to the value to the article.
  • Personal hi-five. (Digital of course. It's all of the fun, none of the germs. unless we run into each other. That would be cool.)

In the near future, I'll be building a course out of the best content from the newsletter!

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