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The Brand Effect

The logo you choose for your company is just a child of a bigger system. Branding is "the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer's decision to choose one product or service over another." This is what makes the difference of wearing a pair of running shoes and wearing Converse.

A colleague of mine has talked about design for digital experiences, saying: “ An experience goes beyond the screen. It is not only what the user does with your product, but also what happens before and after it. ”

The goal of branding is to make a company unique and recognisable, and to project a desired image. The challenge is keeping the brand different in a world of parroting products and services, and keeping the brand relevant to those who are seeking it. This is a service I provide and have continued to provide throughout my career as a designer.


Grow Your Code Update
Grow Your Code Update
18 October 2016 |

“As season two rolled out, it was important to get the second iteration of Grow Your Code out there to improve upon the image of the first logo.”


keySpark Branding Redesign
keySpark Branding Redesign
10 June 2016 |

“A web agency based out of Ontario, Canada. I've gotten the chance to redesign their website and do their branding. This is a two part project for Web Design and Branding”


Grow Your Code Logo
Grow Your Code Logo
22 March 2016 |

“Tyrel Chambers, a developer from Petersborough, Ontario, CN and I teamed up to create a branded logo, icon and identity system for his podcast "Grow Your Code."”


Genaro's Coffee Logo
Genaro's Coffee Logo
13 March 2016 |

“As a practice brief for some of the class work I was doing, we were to come up with the logo concepts for a coffee joint. I took it one step further and digitized the ...”

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