keySpark Branding Update

14 October 2016 | Branding


KeySpark, a web design firm from Ontario Canada

Keyspark has been a great company to work for. Redesigning their site was the first thing I was tasked to do as a new addition to their team. Based off of spec work, they wanted to have a site that comes from a part of the team.

We worked together building a site aesthetic first and went from there.

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Sketching


  • Refresh the current branding of KS
  • Utilize the new pictures and brand assets
  • Create pages for Home, About, Blog, Products, and contact
  • Everything needs to be mobile friendly


With KeySpark, we branched out to a few areas where we needed to get more branding done to include secondary versions (both a light and dark set) for the KeySpark brand. The changes were small, they wanted to use a capital K for their business name now instead of a lowercase. They required some material design style work for their logo and other brand assets. We weren’t replacing the old version, so I needed to revisit the last logo and create the versions based on the shape and tweak any line work that I didn’t feel was 100% anymore.


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