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18 October 2016 | Branding


Moving to Season 2 of a Podcast

Tyrel from Grow Your Code removed the podcast for season two and is in a planning mode with his parent company KeySpark, deciding how to add new content and value to the community.

Grow your code is gearing up for season two. With the short break over, Grow Your Code is adding new content for the podcast. GYC is focused on people who code and are self starters. This is how I found the podcast because code was something that I was learning as well.

I made the first logo for the podcast in february of 2016 and got to revise it for the upcoming season.

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Sketching.


  • Updated logo
  • Clean up my logo shape and lines
  • Continue the brand style and consistency


I was looking at one of the best examples of growth. Forests

National forests here have huge groups of trees. All of them are there for the same purpose, to grow and thrive. All of them do the same or similar things. When you get to a national forest, usually you will pass a sign letting you know that you have entered and are part of the forest.

Tyrel and I wanted that for the audience. We wanted a place for people to grow and belong to. A national park forest sign seemed to be the best option.

Looking at the national park signs

I found that the old logo had done some great things right, and could use some improvement. So before we went to season two, I confered with Tyrel about the update.

This is where we started.

Starting off with some new brand colors.


I took into account the symbollism for the logo. We had the trees and the brackets that were working to symbolize growth and code. So how could we make this more of a landmark? I turned the brandmark into a sign-style logo. It works like a crest but gives the logo more depth.

I moved the brackets inside the sign for unity. I changed the font we used for “grow” and scanned in my handwriting for “your code”. All of this worked to create a better and cleaner version of the Grow Your Code episode.

The challenge Icon set

Final Concept

At the end of the branding part of the project I went back and laid out all of the icons again to be sure I could say they sit within the correct visual style. We weren’t replacing all of the old content, this was a release for a version 2 of the GYC logo.

Icon set


desktop image of the for the final concept of desktop image of the for the final concept of desktop image of the for the final concept of desktop image of the for the final concept of desktop image of the for the final concept of

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