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Sun, Aug 20, 17
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About the Compass of Design

Sometimes we forget what it was like to start out in the design industry. For some, it’s a rude awakening when the things we were taught in college aren’t how it actually is out there. For others, it could be heading into the void when teaching yourself all the aspects of a new career choice. A lot of us are thrown into the ecosystem with no idea how the design world

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The Compass of Design Community

And our plans for the future

Sometimes we forget what it was like to start out in the design industry. For some, it’s a rude awakening when the things we were taught in college aren’t how it actually is out there.

For others, heading into the void alone is daunting when you are in charge of your own design education. A lot of us are thrown into the ecosystem with no idea how the design world actually works.

There is a little part inside of these people who are reaching out for help, and there are plenty of people around capable of doing that. The Compass of Design Community was created to be the compass to guide designers in the right direction.

Darian Rosebrook — Brand Identity Designer

So who did all this?

My name is Darian, I’m a Brand Identity Designer from the Pacific Northwest.

My mission is to empower other designers with the skills and resources they need to defeat impostor syndrome and start designing with confidence.

I started the Compass of Design because I wanted to fix the gaps in design learning.

People are trying their hardest to run creative freelancing businesses, trying to market their skills and products, and level up their design skills. I wanted to help them with that.

How did it all start?

The Compass of Design Community started at the near end of 2016 with a focus on empowering designers with the skills they need to succeed.

Originally it was called the “Design with Confidence” newsletter, and for a few months, it worked that way.

But as things started to expand, more people were responding and sharing the things that they struggle with and areas that would make that newsletter more useful.

After nearly 6 months of writing, there were enough people who were craving more interaction with me and the others on the list that I was able to open up the Community. Leading up to this there were a few changes that needed to be made.

Why create a design community?

The topics on the early newsletter were relatively disconnected from the other topics being shared.

As the group started to expand, the tone, topic, and format of the newsletter was being shaped directly from feedback that the subscribers were willing to give. Even though the topics were helpful, it wasn’t meeting the group where they were at.

Over time, questions were being asked multiple times and though I was answering them, the best way to honor that was to talk about it in the newsletter.

There’s great things in being able to have a conversation with people who connect over your newsletter.

A lot of the conversations I have had with others on their own newsletters have built into some really good friendships and mentor opportunities for me. And I have been able to connect with a few of you friends over the better half of a year.

What was missing was that all of my experience could only carry a person so far.

Creating the community was a priority because

1: The conversations from the newsletter are no longer one sided

With people asking about the group and where others are at too, I figured the best way for people to be able to see that is by opening a community group specifically around design to have access to all of the others in the group.

Currently we’re getting close to 100 people from multiple backgrounds and disciplines, and combined that creates over 2000 human years worth of experience to draw from.

2: Current design feedback channels are broken

If you’ve tried posting work on Dribbble, Behance, Instagram or other places looking for feedback on your work recently, you might notice the same 10 people liking your shot immediately or the random comments coming in saying “looks good! you should check out my new logo.”

“Great work!
Your projects are an inspiration to me.
Check out my recent project”

Literally pulled that from Behance with the next 10 posts having the same exact comment.

Nowadays, anyone can create automation tools that look for things going up on social media and leaving this comment on the next 100 posts.

A community is a collecting group of people focused around a specific area, audience, or idea. For the Compass of Design, our community is a group that is focused on design feedback and marketing your skills.

We want this to be a platform for people to be able to grow as designers, regardless of where your field is going to be in.

So how are we fighting to fix all of that?

The Compass of Design community group

The community is filled with web designers, web developers, graphic designers, marketers, illustrators, beginners, all-stars, and hopefully you too.

We work on a topic each week from the newsletter and share design work for feedback. We have a handful of useful channels you can see here

We’re not the only community out there for design, but the plan is to continue growing the platform into a powerhouse of resources for many types of designers out there

Design with confidence course (coming soon)

We have the Design with Confidence course coming soon to help people who at just starting out in design.

Taking the idea from the newsletter, I wanted to make a course teaching the founding principles of design from a branding designer’s perspective of being self taught.

Currently, the progress on this is halted, but the course should be available early 2018.

Marketing yourself as a designer course (coming soon)

One of the best series we’ve had on our publication and newsletter was the marketing yourself as a designer series. We’ll be polishing this up for winter along with more tips on how to increase your reach as a designer.

Those who are interested in more than we’ve shared here on the topic can join the newsletter to be notified on progress and updates.

Our website

Our website has the access to the various products and guides we offer or will offer in the near future.

Here you can also see the Newsletter which is gives out lots of new content, discounts, resources, and community updates. (:

Our Community Publication

Our publication here will be used to showcase writing from within the community. Those within the newsletter and community are able to send us submissions to be featured here.

Our Youtube Channel

Our YouTube channel will be full of fun info, design snacks, and helpful design content in the near future

For anyone that wants more information on the Compass of Design, you can check

out the group at our website below. (:

Need to get traction in your design career?

You’re not alone. We’re building a platform for designers who are trying to become masters of their craft.

You can get on the newsletter to receive weekly tips on marketing your skills better as a designer, learn more about design principles, and get early access to a lot of the new content this year.

We have tons of resources already, why not take a look?

Come check out the Compass of Design

and start leveling up your design skills

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Darian Rosebrook

Brand Consultant at https://mgntc.co, running designer network at https://cmps.co I ate a whole large dominos pizza by myself once. 🍕

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