Quick update for those interested in the Community:

We’ve been having a lot of great conversation in the community about client work, web design layouts, and paths to take in our design career. Things have been going well for those involved in the conversations within here. **I’m proud of the progress that everyone in there is making **and am glad to have started the group.

In the past year, we’ve been running the community group exclusively through Slack, which has served us well since I opened the community back in April of

  1. And now as we are celebrating having our 1st year as a community of designers, I wanted to give everyone a little peek at what my plans are going forward.

When we opened the doors last April back in 2017, it was just 5 people and me **from the newsletter that I had been running. **That community has grown in that last year to nearly 100 people with a good amount of daily active members. These people have helped shape what we are doing, what resources we share, and where the topics of the newsletter come from, the future of our site, what products I put out, and what gifts I’m able to send to them are.

I’m happy to announce that I’m working on a 2.0 of the Compass of Design


Slack has served us well over the last year, but as we grow in numbers our community starts to get a little overwhelming with the only feature having been a chat forum thread. After observing how the community has been used in the last year, talking to a few key members, I’ve been building us a fully fledged membership site. I’ve listened to what everyone involved has said so far and believe this will be the solution to how we’ve been running our community so far.

I hope to release the full thing by June of 2018, and with that there will probably be a few changes to how we let new members join.

Next week, I’ll give you a better peak at the process behind what I’m building.

I will be temporarily shutting down registration at the end of the month (April 30) for accepting new members while we finish the community 2.0 site. As I work towards finishing the site and our registration model, you have the opportunity here to lock in access to the community at this rate and be grandfathered to any plan that increases in the future. I will be opening enrollment again to join the community on June 1st after this period and will then only open enrollment once every quarter.

If you have questions at all about what we’re doing, you can always reach out to ask for information about what we’re doing. I’d be happy to answer them.

If you have been wanting to join the conversations that happen behind the scenes here** and get actionable feedback on your work or your career**, this is the month to do so.

Again, I’ll be closing the registration for the community at the end of the month until we open it again for the new Community site.

I’ll have more updates in the near future including sneak peeks at the design. For now,

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Darian Rosebrook

Brand Identity Designer for @itssomagnetic, running a design community at @compassofdesign. I write to help others grow their skills as designers.

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