Automating Your Product

Why should you develop a product that you have to update every few months? For example, you have to update your copyright every year, but with a few lines of script you can do that yourself.

The best solutions are the ones that fix themselves over time. Details such as a copyright, or dates, or even colors based on the time of day can all be done for you.

You can build a static website with dynamic details that automate your processes.

Design your work to compensate for the ever-changing landscapes *(and portraits) *in order to minimize the amount of maintenance that you have to do each month.

What can you automate?

Automation shouldn’t replace creativity

Your work shouldn’t have to look like sh*t just because you made something update automatically. Websites describe who you are as a person, so if you make a dumb site (technically speaking), then it might show that you’re a dumb person (again, technically speaking).

Site maintenance isn’t about updating the same things, its changing content to keep the main thing the main thing, but for an **updated **audience.

Resilience Over Redundancy

You should always prefer to reuse code rather than recreate it with one different variable. Write less code that does more in the end so that you can do more with the time you just saved yourself.

About the Author

**Andrew Krause **is an automation-centered, front-end web developer in Kansas City. Andrew builds websites that are not only focused on design, but the idea that they should work just as well as websites 10 years into the future. Follow him on twitter, @AkrauseDesign

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