Professional headshot of product designer, Darian Rosebrook. Seattle, WA 2019
Product Designer, Darian Rosebrook. Seattle, WA. 2019

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A little bit about myself

I'm Darian Rosebrook, a designer raised here around the Seattle area.

I have a history working as a consultant and contractor on multiple branding and user experience projects. I have found that both lend each other the same goals, like two halves of a company. Making sure that the people have a good experience is good branding, and having good branding can lead to great experiences.

I write and teach designers how to build better design processes and focus on helping the community as a whole get better by helping designers understand business.

Most recently, I've been helping the Microsoft Edge team work on improving the Developer Experiences of our developer tools and the internal Product Design Process.

What started as a side hustle, became a full time passion in 2015. I had been freelancing as a web designer to stay connected to a creative industry when I decided to focus on design as a full time pursuit. In mid 2016, I had joined a small team of developers as their lead designer based on my experience with UX Design and UI Design. When the work started to slow down with that team, in January 2017, I decided to focus full time on client work again. This time, by handling larger design clients and projects, where I could also hire and manage other designers to work in tandem to complete these projects.

My two areas of expertise run along side each other. As a designer, I am adept at handling both the user experience of digital products and the brand experience of a product's design ecosystem (product, packaging, logo design, etc.) Both of these thrive from the same research, and both have the same path of exploration. As a designer, I couldn't find a better way to marry the skills I learned as a UX designer and my passion for creating meaningful brand experiences both on and off screens.

Since starting out as a designer, I've done a few things:


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