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Who is Darian Rosebrook?

Since the early stages of 2015, I have worked for over 2000 hours building a legacy for my family by working in design. I have been guiding brands with Brand Identity design and Web Design for over a year. As a dedicated single father, I love to share as much time and as many experiences as I humanly can with my son. This same dedication has been put to understanding and pursuing creative solutions to difficult problems. I am always looking for ways to build or improve recognizable brands and user centered websites.

Darian playing around at the tulip fields up in Mount Vernon Washington

About Me:

“Since the early stages of 2015, Darian Rosebrook has worked for over 2000 hours building a legacy for his family with design. His creative eye has been guiding brands with Brand Identity design and Web Design for over a year. As a dedicated single father, his understanding of how to seek out knowledge and come up with creative solutions drove his passion for parenting as well as design. Darian is always looking for ways to improve and build recognizable brands and user centered websites.”

Though I have done simple versions of design of work before, I started taking design seriously in August 2015. There were plenty occupations that I had experience doing, and a large portion did not directly relate to doing websites or branding for businesses. My only solution to my lack of history was to get education and practice.

I started by asking around where people had been learning how to do what they do. Though I kept hearing that I just "need to start", my initial plan was to get some of the ball rolling as soon as possible. To do this, I enrolled into a 3 month long certification course.

After starting this hustle, I eventually acquired a handful of mentors, people who could keep me on task and motivated. For me to be able to get done what I needed to do during the day, I needed more time. After a while, I had to forgo some things to be able to keep my learning and projects going, sacrificing one of the more important human needs. Sleep. A look into this journey of being a web designer as a full time parent.

Grow Your Code podcast ran by Tyrel Chambers, the CEO of KeySpark

Opportunities to share what I've learned

Back towards the beginning of my carreer as a web designer, I had the opportunity to be interviewed on air for the Grow Your Code podcast. The podcast logo was an early project of mine, and I have since been iterating and continually practicing. But for those who might have missed it when I started, here is the podcast that I was interviewed on

Here are a few questions we covered:

  • What do you do?
  • How did you get into UI/UX design?
  • What do you love/like about your field? Anything you dislike or find hard to do?
  • If you could be better at one aspect of your field what would it be?
  • What does your future look like and how do you plan to get there?

What I've been up to

Put My Head Down, Got to Work

After getting my web certification from the technical class that I took, I had focused on doing client work and practice briefs. After getting my hands on a couple of college syllabi for design programs, I started consuming content, courses, teaching, and articles around my industry to put those design principles to practice.

I Started Writing

Writing has always been a challenge for me. I'm working on pushing past that by creating articles that are being put out across the internet. Every morning I try to write for at least 20 minutes regarding anything that I need to address, as well as starting my email list for a newsletter on growth-hacking, entrepreneurship, and branding.

Started Working Part-Time

You will find that when you are constantly putting out content, asking for feedback, and always trying to grow, that people start to notice. A few months after I had started my first logo design project, the CEO of the new web design agency KeySpark asked if I could come on to the team part time as their Design Lead for their projects. I've gotten to work on some crazy projects that I could share upon request.

Revamped My Portfolio

One important part of being a designer is having a portfolio that matches the level of professionalism that you are trying to get. My first portfolio was selfishly designed to appease me, without regard to what audience I would be working in and what their needs would be. Though I have gotten inbound leads, this version of the portfolio is only just one of many to come.

Who I've worked with…

Manuel Osorio

Manuel Osorio

Student, Designer


“ The value behind “Compass of Design” goes beyond the newsletters. The community Darian has built contributes to what can be learned through feedback and other resources. The thought-provoking newsletters and the feedback I’ve received, has helped me improved my designs, and become more intentional with my design decisions. ”

Manuel Osorio

Manuel Osorio

Student, UI Designer


“ I knew Darian the founder from another project and I was really into the idea of a community of designers to exchange ideas, get better design feedback and talk about god and the world. Compass of Design is that for me, a place of good people, many of them I would consider friends by now, who exchanges, talks and motivates another. Or just to share a silly video now and then. I had the opportunity to write my first article on Medium under the Compass of Design brand. Something I never even dreamt about something like that. Thank you Darian & the whole group. ”

Tyrel Chambers

Tyrel Chambers

Developer, Podcaster


“ I started a podcast called "Grow Your Code" and approached Darian about making me some branding. Working with Darian has been and continues to be an absolute delight. He is courteous, professional, respectful, and he responds very quickly to messages, questions, and design revisions. Darian has the professionalism you need to help develop an amazing brand. His thorough process will make sure you get the best branding possible. ”

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